Funtional inserts

Arch support distribute and minimize pressure in the foot. Deep heel cradle keep the foot bone vertical to enhance stability. Built-in silicon cushioned heel support is excellent for shock absorption and relief.

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Looking for insoles that truly works?

High quality material

Made of high grade pu fabric can provide better cushioning, breathable designed to effectively treat and prevent common sports issues and knee discomfort.

High arch support

Flexible arch design supports the natural shape of your foot, effectively stabilize the foot to relieve discomfort caused by flat feet. Comfortably padded, the inserts are also helpful in relieving leg and back discomfort.

Foot care

According to biomechanical design medical lateral longitudinal arch and transverse arch, improve planter press distribution and correct flat foot and people who have an awkward gain x leg,o leg and toe-in. After long using, this insole can correct foot posture and restores foot structure to a natural position.

Adjustable sizes

The full-length insole can support most size. And the easy-to-follow trimming lines allow the insoles to be freely cut to fit for your feet and easily to place into the shoe.

Keep it comfortable

How it works?

Support insoles are made of a harder foam and help add support and stability to a shoe, rather than just comfort. These insoles were created to help with issues like overpronation, splayed feet, plantar fasciitis, and other ailments. We create support insoles in different thicknesses and intensities, depending on how much support you need. If you don't know how much you need, visit a running specialist or a physical therapist to see which kind of support insole is right for you. Custom orthotics are created to address specific and chronic foot problems. If a comfort insole or support insole won't do the trick, consider asking a therapist about getting a custom insole molded for your particular foot.

Anti-fatigue technology

It is not uncommon to hear complaints of foot discomfort or strain from newbie and veteran runners. This is because running, as a high-impact activity, puts a lot of stress and strain on a person's legs and feet. In fact, if a runner is not careful, he or she may end up getting serious issues. So how does one avoid the negative consequences while still enjoying the sport? One answer is wearing shoe insoles for running. These shoe accessories do a great job of preventing issues related to the pressure and strain of running by providing comfort and support to a runner's feet. Runners should know about the types of insoles for running that are available in order to make the best purchase.